Solar PPA for Commercial Businesses

Save Instanley with Solar PPA

A solar power purchase agreement (PPA) enables commercial property owners to go solar with no upfront investment.

Through this innovative financing model, our company installs a customized solar panel system on your business property completely free of cost.

As the system owner, we handle the operations, maintenance and monitoring while you pay only for the clean power produced based on a lower, fixed rate that is guaranteed to cut your electricity bills.

With stable pricing for solar electricity that beats utility rates, a commercial PPA allows businesses to save on monthly energy costs while meeting sustainability goals.

So you can leverage solar energy’s environmental and cost benefits without high capital costs or responsibilities of ownership – that’s the simplicity behind our solar PPA model.

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What is a solar PPA for businesses

A solar power purchase agreement (PPA) enables commercial property owners to go solar with no upfront investment. Through this innovative financing model, our company installs a customized solar panel system on your business property completely free of cost.

As the system owner, we handle the operations, maintenance and monitoring while you pay only for the clean power produced based on a lower, fixed rate that is guaranteed to cut your electricity bills.

With stable pricing for solar electricity that beats utility rates, a commercial PPA allows businesses to save on monthly energy costs while meeting sustainability goals. So you can leverage solar energy’s environmental and cost benefits without high capital costs or responsibilities of ownership – that’s the simplicity behind our solar PPA model.

Go Solar with Zero Upfront Costs

A solar power purchase agreement (PPA) provides a no-money-down financing solution that enables commercial enterprises to adopt solar energy with zero upfront costs. Instead of purchasing a photovoltaic system outright, you simply host the installation while agreeing to purchase 100% of the clean electricity generated on your site.

Solar PPA
How It Works

Our solar power purchase agreement (PPA) makes going solar a breeze. We handle the entire process start to finish:

Seamless process

01 Feasibility Study

easibility Study First, our solar experts will conduct an in-depth feasibility study and analysis at your facilities. This allows us to determine if solar is a viable, beneficial option for your organization based on site factors, energy demand, grid connectivity, local incentives, etc. No assumptions here – just data-driven recommendations.

02 Site Inspection & Design

If solar gets the green light, we'll then perform a thorough inspection and measurement of your available building roof space(s) or ground area. This enables our team to design a customized solar PV system that maximizes production potential to offset your energy usage.

03 Engineering Installation

With permits in hand and panels on order, our qualified solar installation crew will mount the racking, connect components, and activate the system for seamless grid-tied operation. We utilize only industry-leading equipment from panels to inverters for maximum efficiency and reliability.

04 Permit & Subsidy

Finally, we’ll handle all the subsidy applications, interconnection agreements, and paperwork so you can start tapping into savings. Our experts will navigate the fine print and protocols on your behalf for a smooth transition to solar. The result? Affordable, clean energy without any capital costs or complex financing on your part. Just better economics and sustainability enabled by our solar PPA partnership

solar edge for solar panel funding and grants

What solar Panels come with our Solar PPA

A World Leader in Smart Energy Solutions

Our solar PPA provides access to premier solar panels and components for optimal performance. We exclusively install SolarEdge systems for superior power production, monitoring capabilities, and long-term reliability.

As a global leader in smart energy technology, SolarEdge combines innovative software and cutting-edge hardware to maximize solar energy efficiency. Their integrated inverter systems come with built-in module-level monitoring to keep energy output optimized over time.

SolarEdge monitoring platforms also enable robust asset management with granular insights into system performance. We can identify and troubleshoot any issues remotely for minimized onsite maintenance. These smart solar solutions ultimately drive more self-consumed solar power and maximize savings.

With over 2.5 million SolarEdge systems deployed worldwide, organizations across sectors trust their premium equipment to reduce energy costs today and into the future. Our partnership brings the power of SolarEdge solar to your facilities through a simple, affordable PPA that finally makes going solar a no-brainer.


Track everything with the solar edge interface

With the solar edge monitoring & analysis tracking interface, your company will be able to track daily usage of the PV solar system quite easily.

The solar edge dashboard provides insights and real-time tracking of your solar PV system,

Your business will be able to track business energy consumption and production while showing the solar power being generated from the solar panels in real-time.

Why SolarEdge panels


more solar energy generation

The SolarEdge solar panel system will enable more energy genaration for each solar module by mitgting the power losses that resukt from mismatch between modules.


Tracking & Reporting

With the solar edge PV system everything is made easy when tracking your engery consumtion in real time


Future Proof

A SolarEdge PV system is future proofed against any potential risks that can cause decreased lifetime energy production.

Benefits of a Commercial Solar PPA

Seeking to manage expenses without capital costs? Solar PPAs provide the solution. By signing a PPA contract, businesses access customized on-site solar energy at lower, predictable rates while avoiding panel ownership duties. Our solar provider handles all system responsibilities from maintenance to optimizing performance and savings. So beyond slashing your energy bills for over 15 years, a PPA allows meeting sustainability goals and branding wins through renewable power adoption. Let us deliver the financial and environmental benefits of solar to your enterprise via a streamlined partnership!

Slash Monthly Electricity Bills

By signing a solar PPA, businesses can reduce facility energy expenses from day one. Locking in a lower, fixed rate for on-site solar power guarantees savings of 10-30% on electricity costs for decades. Avoid unpredictable utility rate hikes and keep more operating capital.

Tap into Financial Incentives

Our team handles all incentive applications - leveraging tax credits, renewable energy certificates, depreciation benefits and utility rebates to maximize the system’s financial performance. We pass these savings directly to you through even lower PPA rates.

Enhanced Public Image

Switching to renewable solar energy enables companies to strengthen branding, PR and community relations. Businesses can share their commitment to sustainability which builds reputation. It also provides marketing collateral showcasing eco-initiatives.

Lower & Predictable Solar Rates

While grid electricity prices have no price controls and can vary wildly month-to-month, our PPA locks your organization into consistent solar rates that beat conventional energy. Budget confidently knowing your expenses will only decrease over time.

Achieve Sustainability Goals

By sourcing 20-50% of power needs from a customized solar installation, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and meet CSR objectives around renewable energy adoption. You'll lower emissions and environmental impact instantly.

Risk Transfer & System Performance

Under a PPA structure, our organization assumes all responsibilities and risks for solar asset operation - from required maintenance to replacing any underperforming components. So if the system fails to generate projected electricity, the shortfall in solar production does not impact your business. We take on performance obligations! By entering a PPA contract, you avoid any equipment ownership duties while simply paying for solar power generated.

Solar PPA Savings Example

Here is a Business Solar PPA example for you to understand more about the savings you can save with a solar power purchase agreement.

A solar PPA will aim to beat your current electricity costs from the national grid  by at least 30% on average.

This example demonstrates the potential savings that can be achieved by switching from purchasing electricity from the national grid to a solar power purchase agreement (PPA). The example assumes that a business consumes 15,000 kWh of electricity per day.

Here is a table showing the solar PPA savings over 1 month, 1 year and 10 years:

Time PeriodMonthly Electricity Cost (National Grid)Monthly Electricity Cost (Solar PPA)Monthly Savings with Solar PPA
1 month£1,950.00£1,350.00£600.00
1 year£23,400.00£16,200.00£7,200.00
10 years£234,000.00£162,000.00£72,000.00

As you can see, the savings from using a solar PPA are significant. Over 10 years, the business could save £72,000 by switching to a solar PPA. This is a substantial amount of money that could be used to invest in other areas of the business.

Business Solar PPA Eligibility

Property Ownership & Usage The commercial entity interested in on-site solar must own the building/facilities either directly or indirectly for the duration of the long-term PPA agreement. Properties must serve business operations like offices, warehouses, retail stores or light industrial purposes.

Solar Resource Potential The property location, layout and surroundings should have minimal shading while offering sufficient south-facing rooftop space or undeveloped land to host a photovoltaic system. Ideal solar access is key.

Electric Profile We analyze historical usage data covering daily demand, timing of peak loads and annual consumption patterns. Organizations should have Time of Use rates with high daytime loads coinciding with solar production. Sufficient energy demand is needed to justify a system.

Financial Standing The business will need to demonstrate strong financial health and corporate creditworthiness during underwriting. This ensures your organization can fulfil the 15-25-year solar PPA payment obligations.

Let our solar professionals evaluate if your property, energy profile and enterprise can support an on-site solar PPA project! We handle all aspects from initial qualification to system maintenance over decades of partnership.

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Types of Businesses that suit solar PPA

Businesses that suit solar PPA

Data Centers – Always-on servers running high-density computer systems use enormous electricity. Solar allows data centers to be partly powered renewably.

Schools – Academic campuses have supra-peak loads from September-June coinciding with sunlight. Savings can be invested in students.

Hotels – Consistent solar production during busy tourist seasons when energy usage climbs makes hospitality suitable for PPAs.

Hospitals – Healthcare facilities with round-the-clock requirements for power, heating and cooling spend greatly on utilities.

Office Buildings – Steady weekday consumption covering devices, heating/cooling, servers, and lighting with solar offset.

Agriculture – Greenhouses and farms have complementary demand patterns from solar generation.

Municipal Buildings – Libraries, community centers and local govt. offices offer environmental stewardship through PPAs.

Manufacturing Plants Industrial facilities like manufacturing plants that operate heavy machinery and conveyor systems use a significant amount of electricity. By installing a large-scale solar PV system, factories can offset a portion of energy needs through the PPA model without upfront costs. This allows substantial expense reduction.

Warehouses & Distribution Centers Sprawling logistics facilities with material handling equipment, refrigeration units and lighting racks have considerable power loads running 24/7. Solar PPAs let warehouses slash monthly utility bills through panels producing during daytimes when consumption peaks.

Additional Prime Candidates:

Big Box Retail Stores – Massive rooftop expanses can host systems to meet soaring HVAC and lighting demand in stores like Walmart and Costco.

Cold Storage – Constant refrigeration and freezing needs make solar PPAs beneficial for cutting energy costs.

With solar power purchase agreements enabling businesses to adopt renewable energy at zero upfront cost, the possibilities are expansive regardless of your commercial property type. Any organization with considerable daytime electricity usage, available install space, and a decades-long perspective can benefit financially and environmentally from floating solar. By handling all system duties from delivery to maintenance, our team makes sure your facilities leverage self-generation seamlessly and responsibility-free.

Types of Businesses that suit solar PPA

Solar PPA vs Solar Loan

Solar PPA

  • No upfront capital cost
  • Lower monthly electricity rates
  • Provider owns system
  • Little performance risk
  • Rate increases capped
  • Tax/incentives handled
  • 15-25 year agreement

Solar Loan

  • High upfront system cost
  • Pay for full system over time
  • You own equipment
  • Responsible for maintenance
  • Exposed to panel underperformance
  • Managing incentives and RECs
  • Interest charges on financing

The key differences come down to system ownership and associated responsibilities. With a PPA, our company retains asset ownership while a solar loan allows direct purchase of panels requiring considerable initial investment.

Since we handle everything from financing to maintenance as your sole solar partner in a PPA, your organization avoids equipment liability. You pay us only for clean power without acquiring project risks or duties.

Conversely, acquiring commercial solar through debt vehicles exposes businesses to more financial obligations including interest expenses, production risk, upkeep costs, and claiming tax credits.

Overall, solar PPAs provide commercial clients with minimized risk, defined costs, and simplified adoption to unlock energy savings. Let me know if you need any clarification when comparing the two solar financing pathways!

Commercial Solar PPA case studies

Case Study: Covestro

Covestro, a global chemicals company, has partnered with Ørsted to implement a solar PPA at its Frankfurt, Germany, plant. The PPA will generate 100% of the plant's electricity needs, reducing its carbon emissions by 500,000 tons per year. The project is expected to save Covestro €6 million per year on its electricity costs.

Case Study: Northumbrian Water

Northumbrian Water, a water and sewerage utility company in the United Kingdom, has partnered with Ørsted to implement a solar PPA at its Hexham waste water treatment plant. The PPA will generate 40% of the plant's electricity needs, reducing its carbon emissions by 1,800 tons per year. The project is expected to save Northumbrian Water £1.2 million per year on its electricity costs.

Case Study: Jones Food Company

Jones Food Company, a refrigerated foodservice company in the United Kingdom, has partnered with Zestec Renewable Energy to implement a solar PPA at its warehouse in Leeds. The PPA will generate 30% of the warehouse's electricity needs, reducing its annual electricity bill by £100,000.

Case Study: Newfield Fabrications

Newfield Fabrications, a steel fabrication company in the United Kingdom, has partnered with Zestec Renewable Energy to implement a solar PPA at its plant in Worksop. The PPA will generate 20% of the plant's electricity needs, reducing its annual electricity bill by £60,000.

Solar PPA - Pros and Cons

Here is an overview of some of the key pros and cons of a solar power purchase agreement (PPA) for commercial businesses:


  • No upfront capital investment required – solar provider covers all system costs
  • Lower electricity rates from day one based on solar PPA pricing
  • Hedge against utility rate hikes with fixed pricing
  • Provider handles operations, maintenance and performance risk
  • Accelerated depreciation and tax credits improve ROI
  • Meet environmental and sustainability targets
  • Enhanced branding and public image as a green business
  • Lock in rates for 15-25 years to maintain budget clarity


  • Long-term commitment required from business
  • Penalties for early exit from PPA contract
  • No ownership stake in the solar asset
  • Responsible for keeping roof and area around panels obstruction-free
  • Space required for solar array installation
  • Slow payback on investment for providers so stringent credit requirements
  • Still reliant on the grid for supplemental power needs
  • False savings claims by some providers overstating production

The core benefits of solar PPAs allow commercial enterprises to lower and stabilize electricity costs while achieving organizational sustainability goals with minimal risk or responsibilities. However, the multi-decade agreement comes with a binding commitment and loss of ownership which businesses must weigh given their priorities.

Solar PPA – FAQ

Switching to solar energy through a power purchase agreement allows commercial enterprises to reduce electricity expenses and meet sustainability targets with zero upfront costs. However, you likely still have some burning questions before adopting clean power. To help you evaluate if a streamlined PPA solution is right for your organization, browse the most frequently asked questions by business owners below.

The key elements covered in this FAQ section intro are:

  • Solar PPAs allow no-cost renewable energy adoption
  • Providing answers to common PPA questions
  • Installation, operations, maintenance, and financial details
  • Comparisons to direct solar ownership
  • Emphasizing the provider’s full-service model

What are typical PPA financing terms?

Our solar PPA provider will install the photovoltaic system at no upfront cost to your business. You agree to pay only for the solar power generated on-site for 15-25 years at a fixed rate lower than your utility’s with a small annual escalator.

What is the process for installation?

Once the PPA contract is signed, our engineering team will design and customize the solar system for your property within 30-60 days. Then professional installers will rack, mount, wire and connect panels over 45-90 days based on system size.

How much can I save in energy costs annually?

Savings vary based on system production and displacement of grid usage but commercial solar PPAs generally deliver 10-30% lower total electricity costs from year one. For a 500 kW system, an organization can save $100,000 in energy expenses per year.

What support do you provide post-installation?

Our solar company handles all maintenance from cleaning to landscaping, monitors array output 24/7, provides performance reporting, manages utility interconnectivity services and inverter replacements when needed. We also retain system insurance.

What happens if I end the PPA early?

The PPA contract locks your solar rates in for long-term savings but does include options to transfer service or purchase panels if you exit the property. Early termination fees equal to payments remaining apply.

How do PPAs compare to owning a solar system?

With a PPA, a solar provider covers all project capital expenses, installations, operation duties and production risks as you only pay for the power. Purchasing a commercial solar system requires high upfront investment, equipment liability, maintenance costs and worse financing terms.

What metrics are used to estimate solar energy output?

Our technical team analyzes a property’s geographic coordinates, azimuth, collector tilt, roof condition, obstructions, historical weather and shading losses to project annual production output from a solar array measured in kWh sent to the grid.

Can I combine storage with my PPA?

Yes, energy storage options can be bundled into the PPA agreement allowing solar energy to also power your facilities after daylight hours. By storing excess daytime solar generation in batteries for evening discharge you can maximize coverage of electricity needs.

When do the savings from my PPA contract begin?

One of the major advantages of a commercial solar PPA is that savings on your energy costs start accruing from day one of system operation as you pay lower rates for on-site solar power compared to the higher cost of grid electricity.

What incentives are available?

Our team helps clients tap into the full suite of financial incentives like accelerated depreciation, solar tax credits, commercial building write-offs and rebates which make PPAs an even more attractive means to adopt solar.


By allowing companies to adopt solar energy with zero upfront investment, solar PPAs provide a streamlined path to sustainability. Our innovative financing solution delivers customized renewable power systems tailored to match your usage needs while we retain full asset ownership and operational responsibilities. This allows commercial enterprises like yours to go green instantly without capital expenditure burdens or equipment risks.

While accelerating depreciation, incentives and effective risk transfer improve the project economics, the core value of a properly structured solar PPA is long-term energy savings. By locking your organization into solar rates up to 30% lower than the utility for the next 20 years, you can stabilize operating expenses against rising grid prices and allocate more budget to strategic initiatives.

So whether you own hospitals, retail chains, offices, manufacturers or any commercial facilities with sufficient daytime power appetite and install capacity, solar PPAs offer an avenue to profitably power your growth through lower electricity costs, smarter cash flow management and meeting ambitious sustainability targets. Our full-service model handles everything to deliver these organizational benefits through a streamlined, performance-guaranteed solar partnership.