Solar Panels For Beauty Salons

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With electricity prices, at all-time highs solar panels for beauty salons and beauty types businesses couldn’t be an easier option.

Within the last decade, the price of solar panels and solar-powered systems have decreased in price making it easier for beauty-type businesses across the UK to invest in solar systems 

On this page, we will go through how solar panels are a good fit for beauty salons and also cover solar panel funding methods like solar grants and various methods of solar funding.

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Solar panel funding options for Beauty Businesses

For beauty salons, solar funding options include financial mechanisms to support installing solar panels and renewable energy systems. These options help salons overcome the upfront costs of solar power and make the transition to sustainable energy more affordable. Key solar funding options for beauty salons are:

  1. Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and Leasing allow salons to host solar panels on their property without purchasing the equipment. Instead, they enter agreements to buy the power generated by the solar panels at a predetermined rate. This can be a cost-effective option for salons with limited upfront capital.
  2. Government Grants and Incentives provide financial assistance, tax credits, and other incentives to help offset the cost of solar panel installation and encourage renewable energy investment.
  3. Solar Loans and Financing allow salons to fund solar projects through personal loans, home equity loans, contractor financing, and solar-specific loans. Solar loans often have favorable terms and fixed interest rates, making them a viable funding option.

By exploring these solar funding options, beauty salons can find the financial support needed to implement solar power, reap the benefits of sustainable energy, and reduce their environmental impact.

Solar panel options for beauty businesses
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Why Solar Panels are a Perfect Match for Beauty Salons

Beauty salons, known for their glitz and allure, might not immediately seem like a natural fit for solar panels, but upon closer examination, the synergy between the two becomes remarkably clear.

Solar panels offer a host of benefits uniquely tailored to the needs and operations of beauty salons.

Daytime Business Advantage

One of the key reasons solar panels are an excellent choice for beauty salons is their operational hours.

Beauty salons primarily function during the daytime, aligning perfectly with the peak hours of solar energy production.

The sun’s rays are at their strongest when the salon is buzzing with clients seeking a range of services. This synchronicity between sunlight availability and business hours ensures that solar panels can generate ample energy precisely when the salon’s energy demands are highest.

Efficient Energy Utilization

Beauty salons require a significant amount of energy to power a variety of equipment, from hair dryers and straighteners to lighting and ventilation systems. Solar panels can power various aspects of a beauty salon, including:

  • Lighting: The well-lit ambience that enhances the customer experience can be powered by solar energy.
  • Hair Styling Tools: Solar panels can provide the energy needed to run hair dryers, curling irons, and straighteners.
  • Ventilation and Air Conditioning: Solar energy can help maintain a comfortable environment for clients and staff.
  • Electrical Appliances: From computers and cash registers to music systems, solar power can support the salon’s everyday operations

solar power system cost for beauty salon business

The cost of a solar power system for a beauty salon can vary significantly based on several factors.

These factors include the size of the salon, its energy consumption, geographical location, the type and quality of solar panels, and any additional components like inverters, mounting systems, and installation fees.

Small to Medium-Sized Salon: For a smaller beauty salon with moderate energy usage, a solar power system capable of generating around 10-20 kW of power might cost between £15,000 to £30,000. This estimate includes the cost of solar panels, inverters, installation, and related equipment.

Medium to Large-Sized Salon: For a medium to large salon with higher energy demands, a system generating 20-50 kW of power could cost anywhere from £30,000 to £75,000 or more.

It’s important to note that these estimates are rough averages and costs can vary significantly.

Additionally, government solar grant schemes or incentives could impact the final cost by offering financial support.

To get an accurate and up-to-date cost estimate solar quote for a solar power system tailored to your specific beauty salon feel free to fill in the form above and one of our team members will get back to you.

solar grant for beauty salons

Government Solar Grants for Beauty Salons

Government Solar panel grants for Beauty Salons may vary from time to time as the government will change their criteria on who qualifies for a solar panel grant.

A solar panel grant for your business could save you thousands on equipment and installation costs if available.

And depending on the T&C of the solar grant you may not have to pay anything back at all.

Depending on the time you read this your business may be eligible but you can check our government solar panel grant page above to see if your company qualifies or you can go straight to the Gov solar funding for businesses here to see if you qualify.

Solar Finance for beauty-type businesses

If you’re a beauty salon owner intrigued by the prospect of harnessing solar energy but find the initial upfront costs daunting, rest assured that there are viable solutions to make your sustainable dreams a reality. 

Solar finance options, such as Solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and traditional bank loans, offer accessible pathways to help you embrace clean green energy without straining your budget.

solar PPA for beauty businesses

Solar PPA For Beauty salons

As Gov solar grants may vary depending on when you inquire other solar funding options will still be available, for instance, a solar PPA (Power purchase agreement) a type of solar financing for beauty salons.

A solar PPA for beauty salons is when a solar funder fully funds and installs a solar PV system on your beauty business property for free.

You will not have to pay anything upfront as the solar funder covers all the costs even maintenance and any damage.

You will pay a discounted price for the electricity generated from the solar PV system.

On average a business can save  30-50% on energy bills from a solar PPA type of agreement, however, a feasible study would need to take place to identify if a solar PPA is the right option for your business.

Steps to Secure a Solar PPA for a Beauty Salon

Here are some steps on how you go on taking out a solar PPA for your beauty-type business.


  1. Energy Audit and Assessment: Contact potential providers to conduct an energy audit of your salon. This will help determine the optimal size of the solar system required to meet your energy needs.

  2. Negotiate Terms: Discuss the terms of the PPA, including the rate at which you’ll purchase the solar energy, contract duration, and any other terms. Make sure the terms align with your salon’s energy consumption patterns and financial goals.

  3. Site Evaluation: The provider will assess your salon’s physical layout, roof condition, and sun exposure to ensure the feasibility of installing solar panels.

  4. Contract Agreement: Once you’ve agreed on terms, the provider will draft a Solar PPA contract outlining the terms, responsibilities, and financial arrangements.

  5. Permitting and Installation: The provider will obtain any necessary permits and begin the installation process. This includes mounting solar panels on your salon’s roof or property.

  6. Monitoring and Maintenance: After installation, the provider will monitor the system’s performance and handle maintenance to ensure optimal energy generation.

  7. Start Benefiting from Solar Energy: As soon as the system is operational, your beauty salon will start receiving clean solar energy at the agreed-upon rate, leading to reduced energy bills.

  8. Regular Billing and Reporting: The provider will bill you based on the energy generated and consumed. They may also provide regular reports on your solar energy production and savings.

  9. Contract Renewal or Buyout: At the end of the contract term, you may have the option to renew the PPA, purchase the solar system, or have it removed by the provider.


To learn more about what are solar power purchase agreements for businesses and to view solar PPA examples click the highlighted text.

You can also use our Free Solar PPA calculator today to get an estimated price on how much you can save via a solar power purchase agreement for your care home business.

Solar Loans for beauty salons

If you prefer ownership of the solar panel system from the outset, securing a traditional bank loan is another avenue worth exploring.

Banks and financial institutions increasingly recognize the value of investing in renewable energy, offering loans with favourable terms for solar installations.

By spreading the costs over time, you can achieve ownership while reaping the long-term benefits of reduced energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint.


Example Of A Solar Loan

Let’s imagine a beauty salon that wants to install a solar panel system costing £22,420.

They decide to go for a solar loan with a fixed Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 7% over a 10-year period.

Here’s how the loan would play out:

Solar System Cost: £22,420

Loan Details:

  • Loan Amount: £22,420
  • Annual Interest Rate: 7%
  • Loan Duration: 10 years

Total Payment over 10 Years:

  • Monthly Payment * Total Payments = £241.53 * 120 = £28,983.60

Total Interest Paid:

  • Total Interest = Total Payment – Loan Amount = £28,983.60 – £22,420 = £6,563.60

By choosing a solar loan with a 7% APR over 10 years, the beauty salon would make monthly payments of around £241.53.

Over the loan period, the total paid would be about £28,983.60, covering the loan amount and interest.

Keep in mind when applying for a solar loan for your beauty salon to check your business credit score

Buying solar panels for my beauty business

buying solar panels for care homes

Over the last 10 years, the price of solar panels has decreased by 70% in price making beauty salons and other beauty type businesses easier to obtain a solar PV system.

Solar panels for beauty salons can make a huge difference in 2023-2024 due to these price reductions in solar technology.

Here we will go through how much solar panels would cost your beauty salon and also go over what type of savings you could be looking at.

How much will solar panels cost my beauty business?

Estimated Cost For Medium Sized Beauty Salon

  • System Capacity: 20 kW
  • Estimated Cost per kW: £800 – £1,200
  • Total Estimated Cost: £16,000 – £24,000

The cost of a solar power PV (photovoltaic) system for a medium-sized beauty salon store can vary based on factors such as the salon’s location, energy consumption, available roof space, and the specific requirements of the system.

How much will my beauty business save with Solar?

Estimated Savings with Solar Powered System:

Before Solar PV Installation:

  • Monthly Energy Costs: £1,200

After Solar Installation:

  • Estimated Monthly Savings: 50% – 75%

    • Estimated Monthly Savings Range: £600 – £900
  • Estimated Yearly Savings: £7,200 – £10,800

  • Total Estimated Savings over 5 Years: £36,000 – £54,000

Please note that the estimated savings are based on a range of 50% to 75% reduction in monthly energy costs due to the solar-powered system.

The actual savings can vary based on factors such as system efficiency, local solar conditions, and energy usage patterns.

Other Beauty type businesses that also suit solar

here are 7 other businesses similar to beauty salons that would also suit solar, along with reasons based on the appliances they use:

  1. Hairdressers:

    • Hairdressers rely on lighting, hair dryers, curling irons, and straighteners, which can be powered by solar energy. Solar panels align with their energy-intensive operations and reduce costs.
  2. Sunbed Shops:

    • Sunbed shops use tanning beds and lighting, both of which can be powered by solar energy. Solar panels fit their focus on tanning services and contribute to energy savings.
  3. Massage Therapy Clinics:

    • Massage therapy clinics utilize massage tables, heating systems, and lighting, which are all suitable for solar energy. Solar panels align with their wellness focus and reduce energy costs.
  4. Wellness Retreats:

    • Wellness retreats use various appliances like lighting, heating systems, and spa equipment. Solar energy supports their holistic approach and eco-friendly image.
  5. Spas and Saunas:

    • Spas and saunas rely on heating, steam rooms, sauna heaters, jacuzzis, and lighting. Solar energy aligns with their relaxation focus and reduces energy costs.
  6. Beauty Supply Stores:

    • Beauty supply retail stores use lighting, climate control systems, and electronic registers. Solar panels align with their product offerings and demonstrate commitment to sustainability.
  7. Gym and Fitness Studios:

    • Gyms and fitness studios use lighting, exercise equipment, and climate control systems. Solar energy supports their health and fitness focus and reduces operational costs.
  8. Aesthetics Clinics:

    • Aesthetics clinics utilize equipment for cosmetic procedures, lighting, and climate control systems. Solar panels align with their focus on innovation and sustainabilit


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