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Welcome to our extensive guide on funding solar panels for hotels. In an era where sustainability and cost-effectiveness are of utmost importance, harnessing solar power can revolutionize your hotel establishment.

Hotels throughout the UK have a remarkable chance to save thousands of pounds annually by embracing solar energy solutions.

Within this guide, we will explore the diverse options for funding solar panels specifically tailored to hotels, encompassing solar finance, solar government grants, and the potential costs linked to the outright purchase of solar panels.

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Solar panel Funding options for Hotels

Hotels in the UK have various solar panel funding options to reduce energy costs and enhance sustainability. These options include:

  • Solar finance: Enables hotels to install solar panels with minimal upfront costs and attain immediate cost savings on their energy bills.
  • Government grants: Available to support the installation of solar panels, reducing the financial burden on hotels and promoting renewable energy adoption.
  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs): Allow hotels to purchase the generated solar energy at a predetermined rate, providing a cost-effective and sustainable energy solution.
  • Smart Export Guarantee (SEG): Enables hotels to receive payments for the electricity they export to the grid, further enhancing the financial benefits of solar panel installations.
  • Tax incentives: Various tax incentives are available to hotels investing in solar energy, reducing the overall cost of the installation and promoting sustainability.
  • Solar loans: Financial support in the form of loans can help hotels fund their solar panel installations, making renewable energy more accessible and affordable.
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solar panel grants for hotels

1. Government Solar Grants For Hotels

The United Kingdom government provides grants and incentives to promote the widespread adoption of solar energy. 

These financial programs are designed to support businesses like hotels in their transition to clean energy solutions. 

By conducting thorough research and applying for relevant grants and incentives, hotels can receive financial assistance to offset the upfront costs associated with solar panel installations.

Government solar grants for hotel businesses present a viable funding option that is worth exploring.

Such grants can help alleviate the financial burden of solar panel installations.

However, it is important to note that the availability of UK government solar panel grants may vary depending on the time and date you inquire about them.

We have a dedicated page that tracks solar panel government grants and incentives.

Please feel free to browse through it for more information.

solar PPA for hotels

2. Solar PPA For Hotels

A solar PPA for hotels is a type of solar finance where a solar funder installs and maintains a solar power sytsem on your hotel roof for free.

You the hotel owner will buy electricty genrated by the solar system at a lower rate than what you would be paying at the moment through the national grid.

Solar PPA’s for hotels have good advantages as you pay nothing for the solar system or solar panels and still enjoy the savings from solar power.

These types of solar finance contracts can last from 10-25 years.

and after the contact, your hotel business will own the solar power system.

Read more below and view examples of how a solar PPA works for businesses like hotels.

3. Solar Loans For Hotels

Solar loans offer hotels the necessary funds to cover the upfront costs associated with purchasing and installing solar panels, which include equipment, labour, and other related expenses.

The loan amount provided is typically based on the projected energy savings and the specific requirements of the hotel.

When considering solar loans, it is important to research and compare different interest rates offered by various providers to ensure you secure the most favourable terms.

The lower the APR interest rate the less you pay back.

When searching for a solar loan for your hotel be sure to check your credit score but as this will determine how much interest you pay back.

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Buying Solar Panels For Hotel Advice

When considering the installation of solar panels for a hotel, several factors come into play, primarily the size of the hotel and the available roof space.

These factors heavily influence the price and feasibility of implementing a solar energy system.

Let’s explore why solar energy is a good fit for hotels and how these considerations affect the cost of a solar system.

The size of the hotel is a crucial determinant in assessing the solar energy requirements. Larger hotels typically consume more electricity due to a higher number of guest rooms, common areas, and facilities.

As a result, they may require a more substantial solar system to meet their energy demands.

Another significant factor is the amount of available roof space. Solar panels are typically mounted on the roof to maximize sunlight exposure and generate as much energy as possible.

If a hotel has ample roof space, it can accommodate a larger number of solar panels, resulting in a higher energy output.

On the other hand, hotels with limited roof space may need to explore alternative options, such as installing solar panels on carports or adjacent land, which could impact the overall cost of the system.

How much will it cost to buy solar panels for my Hotel?

Buying solar panels for your hotel may come at a large cost at first, but when you look at the long term savings its hard to say no.

The cost of a solar power system, for your hotel will depend on the size of your hotel and how much energy you consume.

However, I can provide you with a general idea of the solar power costs involved.

  1. Small Hotel: Roof Size: 50 square meters System Size: 5 kW Solar Power System Cost: £6,000 Installation Cost: £2,300 Total Cost: £8,300

    Medium Hotel: Roof Size: 150 square meters System Size: 15 kW Solar Power System Cost: £15,000 Installation Cost: £5,000 Total Cost: £20,000

    Large Hotel: Roof Size: 300 square meters System Size: 30 kW Solar Power System Cost: £30,000 Installation Cost: £10,000 Total Cost: £40,000

    Please note that these figures are fictional and for demonstration purposes only.

    The roof size mentioned is the estimated size of the hotel’s roof where the solar power system would be installed.

How much will my Hotel save with solar panels?

Buying solar panels for your hotel will come at a cost at first but over the long run, your hotel will make huge savings.

Here are 3 examples of how much you could save with solar panels:

  1. Small Hotel:

Before Solar:

  • Monthly Energy Bill: £500
  • Yearly Energy Bill: £6,000

After Solar:

  • Monthly Energy Bill: £350
  • Yearly Energy Bill: £4,200

Overall savings:

  • Monthly Savings: £150
  • Yearly Savings: £1,800
  1. Medium Hotel:

Before Solar:

  • Monthly Energy Bill: £1,000
  • Yearly Energy Bill: £12,000

After Solar:

  • Monthly Energy Bill: £600
  • Yearly Energy Bill: £7,200

Overall Savings:

  • Monthly Savings: £400
  • Yearly Savings: £4,800
  1. Large Hotel:

Before Solar:

  • Monthly Energy Bill: £2,000
  • Yearly Energy Bill: £24,000

After Solar:

  • Monthly Energy Bill: £1,200
  • Yearly Energy Bill: £14,400

Overall savings:

  • Monthly Savings: £800
  • Yearly Savings: £9,600

Key points to consider before buying solar panels for your hotel

Before buying solar panels for your hotel here are some key points to consider before purchasing.

  • Energy Requirements: Assess your hotel’s energy consumption.
  • Roof Suitability: Evaluate the roof’s condition, space, and orientation.
  • Financial Analysis: Analyze costs, ROI, and payback period.
  • Local Regulations: Research permits and compliance.
  • Maintenance and Warranty: Understand upkeep and warranties.
  • Integration with Systems: Ensure compatibility and proper installation.
  • Energy Storage: Evaluate the need for storage systems.
  • Professional Consultation: Seek advice from experts.
  • Environmental Impact: Consider sustainability benefits.
  • Monitoring and Performance: Implement monitoring systems.

Solar panels for Hotel Case studies

Here are some solar panels for hotel case studies we found on the web.

Case Study: Solar PV and Hot Water Heat Pump Installation for Loudor Guest House

The Loudor Guest House, a charming family-run accommodation located in North Hykeham near Lincoln, has taken proactive steps to reduce its energy bills and showcase its dedication to sustainability.

By incorporating solar panels and a hot water heat pump into their operations, Loudor Guest House has significantly improved its energy efficiency and lowered its environmental impact.

The installation process, carried out by EnergyMyWay Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire, involved fitting a 4 kWp Solar PV system on the guest house’s flat asphalt roof.

These solar panels were expertly positioned to face south, ensuring optimal sunlight exposure and maximizing energy generation. By utilizing specialist Console units, the installation was completed without any roof penetrations, allowing for easy future roof recovery if needed.

To further enhance energy efficiency, a hot water heat pump was installed, utilizing the heat from the kitchen to generate fresh hot water. This innovative system also increased the guest house’s hot water storage capacity by 50%, significantly reducing the risk of guests running out of hot water. As a result, the reliance on gas consumption for hot water was greatly reduced, with the heat pump serving as the primary source and gas only used as a backup.

View the full story here

Case Study: The Tower Hotel

The Tower Hotel in central London has embraced solar technology to enhance sustainability.

In collaboration with ‘D e2’ consultants, SolarUK Ltd installed an impressive 140 collector LaZer2 solar thermal system, providing solar-heated water for guests and reducing the building’s carbon footprint.

Additionally, the hotel boasts a cutting-edge 49.4 kWp photovoltaic (PV) electricity generating system, enhancing energy efficiency and exemplifying environmental consciousness.

The solar thermal system heats around 7,200 liters of water daily, demonstrating its versatility and effectiveness. SolarUK specializes in tailored solar solutions, enabling customers to capitalize on renewable energy’s financial benefits.

The Tower Hotel’s commitment sets a commendable example, achieving energy savings, reducing the carbon footprint by 19 tonnes/year, and showcasing sustainable practices in the heart of London.

View the full story here

Businesses like Hotels that suit solar

Here are similar businesses to hotels that will also suit solar power.

1.Guest Houses: Guest houses, like hotels, offer accommodations for travelers. They are typically smaller in scale and can benefit from solar panels to reduce energy costs and showcase their commitment to sustainable practices.


2. Eco-Lodges: Eco-lodges focus on providing environmentally friendly and sustainable accommodations. Solar panels align perfectly with their ethos by utilizing renewable energy, reducing carbon footprint, and attracting eco-conscious travelers.


3. Campsites: Campsites provide outdoor accommodations for campers and RVs. Solar panels are ideal for campsites as they can power lighting, charging stations, and other amenities while minimizing reliance on traditional energy sources.


4. Retreat Centres: Retreat centres offer spaces for relaxation, meditation, and wellness activities. By incorporating solar panels, they can embrace a sustainable and eco-friendly image, aligning with the values of their guests.

5. Bed and Breakfast Inns: Bed and breakfast inns, similar to guest houses, are smaller-scale accommodations that can benefit from solar panels to reduce energy costs, enhance sustainability, and attract environmentally conscious guests.


6. Vacation Rentals: Vacation rentals, including private homes or villas for short-term stays, can benefit from solar panels by reducing energy expenses for both owners and guests while promoting sustainability and attracting environmentally conscious travellers.


UK Government Grants schemes for businesses.

Ofgems information about business solar funding options.